Groups Offered

Men’s Process Therapy Group

Wednesdays, from 7:45 to 9:15pm, for Men 35-75. Limited to 8 Members. $25.00 per session.

Group Psychotherapy

Group Therapy provides a safe place to practice new ways of coping with old behaviors, and with reactions that get in the way of having better relationships.

During group sessions members are encouraged to talk about their most intimate thoughts and to let the group know how they feel within the group. This is often a powerful experience that helps members learn more about their emotions and how the group members experience their own communication and non-verbal behavior. Group can be intense and powerful investment in change.

A long-term psychotherapy group offers a consistent, comfortable place to speak up, to help understand what is getting in the way of having more meaningful relationships, and to feel better about yourself.

There are three things the leader needs to provide for the group. One is an environment of safety. If patients are to be encouraged to be open and vulnerable in group, they must be sure that nothing they say or do in group can impact jobs, marriages or friendships in their outside life, and they must develop trust in the therapist and their fellow group members. Second, their must be the utmost care in selection of group members. Each group seems to have a different personality, and deciding which group best fits someone is crucial. Finally, the group needs my services as a moderator, interpreter and traffic cop.

By experiencing being in a group one realizes that the most important thing is to ‘ trust the group process ‘ and amazing things will be accomplished.

Clients are able to:

  • reduce isolation
  • increase their sense of belonging, of having value to others, and improve their relationships, both personal and professional.
  • learn new coping tools
  • hear how others deal with similar problems, and discover healthier, more effective, ways to cope
  • become more active participants in their emotional and physical health care. In groups organized around medical concerns, members learn to better manage their illness and get better at taking good care of themselves