Clinical Focus

Resolve Conflicts In A Caring Way

You can learn to express your feelings in safe, caring, kind ways, and to be listened to and feel heard by your most intimate partner, friends, family, and work associates, as well as to offer them the same loving kindness, mutual respect and acceptance of one another.

By learning to have “fair disagreements and discussions” with others in a most mutually respectful manner, you will be able to achieve mutual acceptance of each other’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions” and work towards being more giving, loving, and caring towards each other.

Resolving conflicts, arguments, and disagreements can be very difficult at times and quite frustrating when both participants have become highly defensive, deflecting, distracting, and emotionally blaming one another for their own unhappiness.

Learn the process of active listening, mirroring your partner’s deepest feelings and thoughts, and sharing your own without the anxiety or fear of being judged, criticized, manipulated, emotionally neglected or abused.

Feel closer, more supported, and experience greater love, genuineness, and unconditional positive acceptance of your true self from your partner after being able to work through your most difficult issues with each other.