Clinical Focus

Improve Communication

Improving your ability to communicate effectively is one of most valuable skills and abilities necessary to not only getting the love you want from your relationship, but being able to sustain it throughout your life.

You will be able to not only resolve issues with your most loving intimate partner, but improve your relationships with friends, family, and work associates. Being able access your own true emotions intra-psychically and express them genuinely, honestly, and directly, as well as being able to listen, hear, and mirror another’s truly shared deep feelings and thoughts are keys to having highly effective and functional relationships both personally and professionally.

Be able to own your own feelings, your own role in your relationships with others, and express and describe them honestly, directly, and openly. The use of “I-statements”, meaning to state your own feelings first prior to clarifying what might be evoking them is one of the most valuable skills necessary to achieving effective communication and emotional intimacy.

By increasing your awareness of the deeper historical developmental origins of your emotions will provide you with insights into how your own unresolved early childhood issues continue to play an unconscious part in your present influencing the level of emotional reactivity that hinders the effectiveness and functionality of your communication process.