Clinical Focus

Get The Love You Want From Your Relationship

Getting genuine intimate love from your relationship is both beautiful and wonderful, a process of making a conscious choice of achieving congruence of our unconscious predisposition to seek out partners most similar to our most early care givers in our lives with those intimate partners we choose as adults.

We have an unconscious image of our ideal loving partners that is a compilation of the qualities of all those intimate care givers that surrounded us during our most formative years.

Thus, as adults we express our amazement at how much our intimate partners gradually remind us of one or more of our own family members that were emotionally present and intimate with us during the formative years of our infancy.

To achieve our goal of Getting love we want from our relationship, the process must begin at the beginning by looking at your earliest relationships and not only recognizing the traits of those early care givers but also realizing that those very same qualities are the ones we are repeatedly seeking out unconsciously in our adult partners.

This process is only the beginning of achieving a most beautiful loving relationship with one’s inner self and our most intimate partner in which both can be genuine, empathic, and loved unconditionally by one another, while bringing your true “self” into reality and your relationship.